May 2018

Worried by the incessant killings by terrorists in Benue and other Middle Belt states as well as other parts of Nigeria, a group known as has declared Monday, May 28 as a national mourning and remembrance day in honour of thousands of people killed by Boko haram terrorists, Fulani jihadist terroror group as well as other perpetrators of violence, including military and SARS. The group, in a circular signed by its co-conveners, Abiodun Baiyewu – Teru and Chidi Anselm Odinkalu, a renowned human rights defender, have started massive mobilisation across the country towards the event.
The group stated that the pandemic rise in violent conflicts across Nigeria in the past decade, has become
more pronounced in the past 5 years, and has resulted in an unprecedented humanitarian crisis that is
spiralling out of control.
“The trajectory of these killings have taken a pandemic turn since the first quarter of this year, with no visible sign of abatement.
For example, in spite of gross underreporting, in Benue State alone, between 2013 and 2016, official
reports have estimated that 1,878 persons were killed, 222 disappeared and 750 grievously wounded.
This number included 526 women, 200 (38%) of whom were pregnant, and another 231 (44%) nursing
mothers. In the first quarter of 2018, at least 600 persons have been killed in the same state. In January
and February of 2018, the Benue State Emergency Management Agency, BSEMA, recorded 169,922
internally displaced persons. The killings affected 12 of the 23 local government areas in the state. More
than 10% of the population of Benue State have been directly affected by this crisis. Other states in the
Middle-Belt region and around the Benue Valley: Plateau, Taraba, Nassarawa, Adamawa, Kwara,
Kaduna and Kogi have also been impacted by this crisis and have recorded a combined number of
casualties almost equal to that of Benue state in the first quarter of 2018”, said the group,
“In addition to the on-going violence in the North-East region, the skirmishes in the South-South and
South East regions, The North-West and South-West regions are also contending with violent killings,
and kidnappings. The spread shows that these crises affect every Nigerian and that their continued
impunity will bear consequences that we all will be impacted by if we fail to act. The response of
stakeholders to these spate of violence will either catalyse action to ameliorate them, or lead to further
fragmentation of our already shaky nationhood.

“While it might appear that Nigerians have become totally desensitized to these killings and that we treat
the casualties simply as numbers, most of us are in fact traumatized and engulfed by a sense of
helplessness. In our collective despair, never have we felt more divided and insecure. It behoves upon
us therefore to unite in our grief and demand for our government to act responsibly to address these
killings, and put a stop to the impunity that has caused the violence to thrive. Hence our call for a
national day of mourning and remembrance”.

The  proposed activities for the National Day of Mourning and Remembrance include

a. Mourning at Unity Fountain, Abuja: That as a sign of our collective mourning, that we
perform mourning ceremonies at Unity Fountain between 7am – 7pm on May 28th, 2018.

b. Humanitarian convoy: A humanitarian convoy will take off from Unity Fountain in Abuja to
Makurdi, Benue State, the current epicenter of the crises, as a sign of our collective solidarity
with the individuals and communities caught up in the various crises.

c. Flying flags at half – mast: We invite all corporate entities, and the government to fly their
flags at half-mast for the entire day.

d. Call Their Name ceremonies: On the morning of the National Day of Remembrance, citizens
across each crisis impacted state will gather before their government house, or capital city
center square to call out the names of persons who had died in the conflicts to respect them as
persons and not just numbers.

e. Observation of Silence: We invite all Nigerians to observe a minute of silence at noon on May
28th. Radio and TV stations will be encouraged to support this action and advocate for their
audiences to do the same.

f. Solemn Assemblies: We call on all markets and institutions, including schools, to hold solemn
assemblies at about 11:45 am on May 28, to observe a minute silence at noon

In my view, much of the criticism of Buhari by Nigerian secularists and believers in democracy, misses the key point. They see him as a president who is failing in his job as a democratic leader. In so doing, they proceed, in their complaints and criticism and hopes, from a radical misperception of Buhari, and in false expectation that their criticism will change him. Buhari is not a democrat come to fix Nigeria, play by the rules of the constitution, or entrench democracy. And no amount of criticism for failing at democracy will change him. So these critics are wasting their time.
If you still don’t understand that President Buhari is a Jihadist war leader waging war on Nigeria and its democracy, or if you don’t understand the Jihadist mentality and mission, then everything else you know about Buhari will only compound your confusion. So let’s try to see Buhari’s actions and inactions through the Jihadist lens.
Only when we understand that Buhari is A FULANI JIHADIST PRESIDENT OF THE FULANI REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA, and that he is on Jihad against Nigeria and its democracy, will we understand that no amount of criticism from the democracy standpoint will have any effect on him. Can you imagine an armed robber stopping his robbery in mid-operation because of moral objections made by those he is robbing? Or a cat stopping its catching and eating of mice because of howls of objection from the mice?
As a Jihad leader, Buhari has come to destroy democracy, not to practice or protect it. He is not here to play by the rules of the fake constitution that the Caliphate installed as a stopgap until they could get a Jihadist to replace it with Sharia. Buhari is that Jihadist; and Buhari is here to impose Sharia on Nigeria. The only way to stop him and get democracy is to wage a Crusade and defeat him. A total crusade—political, economic, ideological, religious and military—is the only way to stop a Jihad.
Some claim Buhari is incompetent. But far from it; he is competent at what he is actually doing: waging Jihad. His seeming failure at democracy isn’t failure or incompetence at all. Can it be correctly said that someone is incompetent at what he is not doing or even trying to do, what he has chosen to not do? What’s actually happening is this: Buhari enters the boxing ring ostensibly for a boxing match. But once there, he turns into a Bruce Lee and engages in Kung Fu combat, and unleashes Kung Fu kicks, hand chops, grapples and other attacks. But his opponent, and the audience, don’t recognize what he is doing for what it is. So they claim he is not a good boxer, and even that he is an incompetent boxer. And they are hoping to get the referee to stop him. But there is no referee. Not realizing what’s going on, his opponent is helpless, and can’t or won’t defend himself appropriately, by also abandoning the rules of boxing and picking up the stool in the corner of the ring and smashing it on Buhari’s nose to force him to stop his Kung Fu combat. In other words, the non-Jihadists and anti-Jihadists should abandon the rules of democracy and launch a crusade to stop Buhari’s Jihad
SOURCE, FACEBOOK has demanded the resignation of Buhari for his inability to protect Nigeriansagainst attacks by terrorists, notably, boko haram and Fulani herdsmen. Buhari has been severally accused of aiding and abetting the terrorists. He does not hesitate to defend them at every opportunity, and to justify their violent actions. Buhari, has been accused of using the terrorists to advance Islamic warfare known as jihad in Nigeria.
Below is the list:
• January 1 – 73 killed in Logo and Guma LGAs in Benue
• January 1 – 25 killed in ONELGA, Rivers
• January 1 – 2 killed in Awe LGA, Nasarawa
• January 1 – 25 Killed in Keana LGA, Nasarawa
• January 3 – 3 killed in Markurdi, Benue State
• January 4 – 6 killed in Wukari in Taraba
• January 4 – 1 killed in Gassol LGA, Taraba
• January 5 – 4 Killed in Lau LGA, Taraba
• January 5 – 15 killed in Tse Akombo, Tse Vii and Tse Agule vilages in Benue
• January 6 – 55 killed in Lau LGA in Taraba State
• January 8 – 3 killed in Sardauna LGA, Taraba
• January 8 – Two policemen killed in Logo, Benue State
• January 13 – 10 killed in Birnin Gwari LGA, Kaduna
• January 13 – 1 killed in Makurdi LGA, Benue
• January 14 – 1 killed in Bassa LGA, Plateau
• January 14 – 1 killed in Ibi LGA, Taraba
• January 16 – 5 killed in Madagali LGA, Adamawa
• January 16 – 5 killed in Guma, Logo and Okpokwu LGAs Benue
• January 18 – 11 killed in Madagali LGA, Adamawa
• January 21 – 1 killed in Barkin Ladi LGA, Plateau
• January 21 – 6 killed in Juman LGA, Adamawa
• January 21 - 2 killed in Aniocha North, Delta
• January 22 - 6 killed, 2 kids abducted in Maradun, Zamfara
• January 23 – 9 killed in Ardo Kola, Adamawa
• January 24 – 4 killed in Kaiama, Kwara
• January 25 – 15 killed in Bassa LGA, Plateau
• January 26 – 3 killed in Bassa LGA, Plateau
• January 26 – 2 killed in Ukum, Benue
• January 26 - 3 killed in Bassa, Plateau
• January 29 – 1 killed in Guma, Benue
• January 31 – 1 killed in Jema’a LGA, Kaduna
• January 31 –9 killed in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna
• February 1 – 4 killed in Gassol, Taraba
• February 2 –10 killed in Song, Adamawa
• February 5 – 2 killed in Guma, Benue
• February 6 – 8 killed in Obi, Nasarawa
• February 8 – 6 killed in Shellen, Adamawa
• February 10 – 2 killed in Benue
• February 10 – 3 killed in Bassa, Plateau
• February 11 – 4 killed in Jema’a, Kaduna
• February 12 – 2 killed in Guma, Benue
• February 15 - 41 killed in Zurmi LGA, Zamfara
• February 26 – 12 killed in Kajuru, Kaduna
• February 26: 2 soldiers killed, 6 missing in Damboa, Borno
• February 27 – 20 killed in Demsa, Adamawa
• March 1 – 15 killed in Saradauna, Taraba
• March 1 - 4 police, 4 soldiers, and 4 aid workers killed in Kala/Balge, Borno
• March 4 – 20 killed in Saradauna, Taraba
• March 5 – 25 killed in Okpokwu, Benue
• March 7 – 2 killed in Takum, Taraba
• March 8 – 11 killed in Bassa, Plateau
• March 9 – 9 killed in Bokkos, Plateau
• March 12 – 26 killed in Bassa, Plateau
• March 13 – 7 killed in Guma, Benue
• March 13 – 1 killed in Lokoja, Kogi
• March 14 – 32 killed in Daima/Omala, Kogi
• March 14 – 6 killed in Bassa, Plateau
• March 15 – 5 killed in Takum, Taraba
• March 19 –10 killed in Omala, Kogi
• March 20 – 11 killed in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna
• March 22 – 3 killed in Jos South, Plateau
• March 24 – 5 killed in Makurdi, Benue
• March 25 - 2 killed in Agatu, Benue
• March 25: 2 killed in Guma, Benue
• March 28 - 60 killed in Bawon-Danji, Zamfara
• March 29 - 6 killed in Jema'a, Kaduna
• March 30 – 6 killed in Jema’a, Kaduna
• March 30 - 32 killed in Anka LGA, Zamfara
• April 4 – 6 killed in Chikun, Kaduna
• April 4 – 4 killed in Takum, Taraba
• April 4 – 10 killed in Gwer West, Benue
• April 5 – 5 killed in Dobga, Taraba
• April 5 – 30 killed in Gwer West, Benue
• April 5 – 50 killed in Offa, Kwara*
• April 7 – 4 killed in Bali, Taraba
• April 7 – 2 killed in Agatu, Benue
• April 8 – 5 killed in Birkin Ladi, Plateau State
• April 8 – 5 murdered in Obi, Nasarawa
• April 8 – 4 killed in Keana, Nasarawa
• April 9 – 1 killed in Guma, Benue
• April 10 – 10 murdered in Benue
• April 10 – 51 killed in Wukari, Taraba
• April 12 – 2 killed in Markudi, Benue
• April 12 – 2 murdered in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna
• April 13 – 5 killed in Bassa, Kogi
• April 13 - 26 killed in Kuru Kuru, Zamfara
• April 14 – 4 killed in Logo, Benue
• April 14 – 78 murdered in Obi, Nasarawa
• April 17 – 1 killed in Logo, Benue
• April 18 – 4 killed in Bassa, Plateau
• April 19 – 1 killed in Kutigi, Niger
• April 19 - 30 killed in Maru LGA, Zamfara
• April 19 – 1 killed in Gwer West, Benue
• April 20 – 31 killed in Guma, Benue
• April 25 – 19 killed in Gwer East, Benue
• April 25 – 38 killed in Guma, Benue
• April 25 – 7 killed in Awe, Nassarawa
• April 28 – 14 killed in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna
• April 29 – 5 killed in Gwer West, Benue
• April 28: Bandits killed fourteen miners in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna.
• April 28 – 8 killed in Gwer West, Benue
• May 1 – 84 killed in Mubi South, Adamawa
• May 1 – 6 killed in Guma, Benue
• May 2 – 10 killed in Konduga, Borno
• May 2 – 13 killed in Maru, Zamfara
• May 3 – 15 killed in Numan and Lamurde LGAs in Adamawa
• May 3 - 13 killed in Zamfara
• May 4 – 3 killed in Konduga, Borno
• is highly extolled for helping Civilian JTF defend Borno
We provide this manual to help all Nigerian masses
•PROTEST for the Nigerian govt. to redeploy the 80% police currently assigned as bodyguards for the wealthy cabal to #ProtectUs masses
•KNOW: Nigeria's Criminal Code Act (Chapter 77) Part 5, subsection 25:286 Authorizes self-defense from terrorists
•Form organised self-defense vigilante groups
•NEVER Initiate Attacks On Innocent Citizens
•COLLABORATE: Share contact numbers to alert group members on incoming attacks
•Get walkie-talkies if you can
•ALERT: Create citizen alert systems to alert the populace by phone messaging and loud sounds
•LOOK OUT: Have volunteers on rotation at look-out posts
•BEAR ARMS: Mobilize self-defense weapons within legal limits even as little as catapults and bow and arrows
•OVERPOWER terrorists, seize their weapons & use them against them
•EXPOSE movement & hideouts of terrorists on the social media
•Whenever you apprehend suspects, NEVER HARM THEM, take their pictures and post on twitter #ProtectMe and send to us @CabalMustGo then hand them over to the authorities
Signed: Dr. Perry Brimah; @EveryNigerian

It was like a war movie at the Port Harcourt high court premises on Friday, 20 April 2018 as Rotimi Amaechi’s faction of APC thugs, guarded by the notorious Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS invaded the premises of the rivers state high court in a gestapo-raid style. The invaders stormed the court premises as early as 6 AM and locked up the gates to the premises to ensure courts did not sit on that day. Chanting war songs, they shot sporadically  into the air, attacked people and vandalised cars parked both within and around the court premises. For several hours, they had a field day, shooting and looting, while other security operatives looked on.
The APC thugs and Police damaged several courtrooms, ransacked the  court library , destroyed vehicles  and looted shops .  Hundreds of expended bullets littered the High Court Complex.
 Governor Wike said it is unfortunate that the Nigeria Police connived with leaders of the APC to close the courts and stop it from dispensing justice to Rivers  people.
He said: "This is very unfortunate.  Do not trivialize this invasion by saying it is just an attack by the APC on the judiciary.  This is a complete coup by the Nigerian Police and the APC to overthrow the Rivers State Government.
"We have said it before and we have been vindicated by this callous joint invasion of the Rivers State Judiciary".
He regretted that the Rivers State Police Commissioner decided to copy the Inspector General of Police in the exhibition of recklessness and lawlessness against an arm of Government carrying out its lawful duty.
"We cannot continue  to rely on the police to defend us. We must all stand up to defend democracy.  What has happened is a sign of what APC and Police have planned.
"APC Federal Government is not prepared for  election.  Therefore, they want to truncate the nation's democracy.  They are fomenting trouble to create an avenue  for the military to take over.
Governor Wike noted that it was the immediate past Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi who plotted the attack on the Judiciary on Thursday on behalf of the Federal Government , pointing out that the plot was executed by a Former Local Government Chairman already standing
trial for serial murder.


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