A medical doctor, Dr. William Michael who turned to a professional internet hacker has revealed that he had the capacity to hack into any bank in Nigeria and withdraw N1bn within 67 minutes.
It was reported that the Imo State-born Michael whose mother is from Delta State also revealed that all the banks in Nigeria do not have enough security as none of them had what he described as firewalls to prevent access to their accounts through the internet.
He said it was very easy to have access into both the banks and their customers accounts and defraud them.
“It is so easy to hack into any bank account, pick alerts and send to customers from the bank data that look real but are fake” he said.
Dr. Michael said that he became a professional hacker when he became frustrated and he travelled to Canada, where he was taught how to do it within two weeks from his Israeli friend and became a master.
He said any hacker in the world is a bank to himself because such person can buy anything he wants through his credit card, send fake alerts and will not need to have any account in any bank. He further revealed that there were many applications which can be used and when a hacker mastered them, that money will no longer be a problem to such person.
Dr. Michael confessed that he had hacked into many accounts, withdrawn millions of Naira and had the system that sent fake credit alerts to accounts without the banks detecting it.
He therefore advised the banks in Nigeria to work and improve their security systems as what they have presently were really porous and substandard in the world.
The hacker said that he was a qualified medical doctor and had worked in Eko and Tolu Hospitals before he travelled abroad.
He said he had carried out wide research works on how to perform C/S operations with ease and presented the results to the hospital management.
Dr. Michael said that the management sacked him, stole his ideas and started applying them on their patients, so he left and travelled abroad.
He was arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly defrauding a car dealer, Abiogun Adewale, of N28m. He was said to have paid the sum for a Porsche car through a fake electronic transfer. The suspect, who was arrested in the Lekki area of Lagos, was paraded at the command headquarters, Ikeja, on Monday by the state Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi. Imohimi said the police received a petition against the suspect, who he described as a “professional hacker.” He said, “My office received a complaint that there is a syndicate that buys exotic cars and configures a computer programme that sends a fake payment alert to the seller. “The seller, upon receiving this alert, verifies the alert either through ATM or through Internet banking and then releases the car to the syndicate. In this case, when the car dealer went to his bank for his statement of account, it was discovered that the alert and transfer of N28m to his account was only a fake electronic transfer; the money did not register in his account. The modus operandi of this suspect is very interesting because he seems to have a very good mastery of the cyber environment. He also creates a credit card through software known as cyber-ghost 12. When the credit card matures, it is then funded through a hacked Swiss account. Any transaction anybody is doing through this Swiss account, the suspect manipulates it and wires the fund into his contrived credit card. The interesting part of this report is that the hacker has the ability to shut down the CCTV system of any organisation here in Nigeria for a period of 67 minutes. That is a window period during which any crime can be committed.” Imohimi said the case was of importance to financial institutions, adding that Nigerian banks should employ certified hackers to secure their systems from hackers.
The suspect said he was eased out of the medical profession after he discovered a faster way of conducting Caesarean Section

The coup of January 15, 1966 caught me by surprise. The first thing that hit me was-here am I in the northernmost part of Nigeria surrounded completely by troops and I have not even tried to find out their allegiance. The telegram they informed me about the coup came to me at the parade ground.

The first thing was to try to get some sense from Lagos for about 14 hours I called numbers, but people were telling me nothing. I did not realize the suspicion everybody had in everybody. I suppose it was my persistence that got Ironsi [the late Supreme Commander of former Nigeria] to speak to me. He told me what actually happened. He said that the Cabinet [the disturbed civilian federal government] was meeting.

The federal government later handed over power to the army to stabilize the situation. I found this extremely confusing. Nobody knew where any other person in the Army was.
 After Ironsi’s first broadcast, I immediately spoke, I was the most senior officer in Northern Nigeria, to the North. Somebody else spoke to the West. Ejoor spoke to the East. The announcements had a snowball effect. They helped in restoring confidence and a sense of direction in the army. The country also became clear about the change.

 After that announcement I got on to Nzeogwu [one of the leaders of the coup], then in Kaduna, and said, “ You are now famous. You should now demonstrate to the world that you have no personal motive in the coup. Now that the G.O.C has called, all you have to do is to get back into line.” Before then there had been friction between Nzeogwu and myself because I maintained my independence.... The announcement affected him [Nzeogwu].

This is how I got involved in the government. Nzeogwu found it difficult to except my advice, though he realized it was already a fait accompli. I continued to talk..... I wanted him to fall in line, and quite suddenly he said to me, “If you say so I agree”. I told Ironsi that Nzeogwu had agreed. Later, I was ordered to Lagos and appointed [military governor] for the East, Fajuyi for the West, Ejoor for the Midwest, and Hasan Katsina for the North.
 Ironsi tried very hard to unify the country. Personally, I think he went too fast. Or rather, he delayed too long, and when he started he went to fast without explaining.

If the unification of the country had been done within the first week of the coup, perhaps the popular impact and the enthusiasm [generated by the January 15 coup] would have carried it through. Subsequent events, however, clearly indicated that the violent reaction of Northern Nigeria could have been only a delayed action on that the North could never have allowed any form of unity which sought to broaden the Northerners national outlook and turn them into Nigerians. When Ironsi moved, he was quite willing to give a blank degree unifying everything. I resisted that quite a bit.

Assets of the then Eastern region was seized. I maintained that we should get the constitutional proposals first agreed before the assets will put into the common pool. The North did not agree with me.
 I got myself more and more involved in the politics of the change – more involved because I think really I was perhaps better equipped than most of the military leaders to handle political issues owing to my background, education, and training in administration before joining the Army. So I really got quite involved. The Supreme Military Council tried a number of things to inspire confidence and strengthen the unity of the country, but actually there was much to do, and before the whole place could be stabilized the North struck on May 29, 1966.

 I still harbored hopes for unity, but I told Ironsi then that this was the last sacrifice the people of former Eastern Nigeria could be expected to make.
 In spite of this pogram, I still thought that the army had a chance to keep Nigeria together, and that chance was to try to get everybody looking upon the government as the government. All I asked of the Supreme Military Council was a Commission of Inquiry on the May massacre. I did not quite realize how far Northern Nigeria was prepared to go. If I knew, perhaps my suggestion would have been different. The council decided on the method of inquiry. But as soon as it was announced, the Northern emirs met and told us that the instructions from Lagos would only be carried out over their dead bodies.

My whole attitude then was to establish once and for all that there was a government. For this reason, we insisted and set August 2, 1966, for the beginning of the inquiry. In doing this, the council [the Supreme Military Council] wanted also to demonstrate that it was going to be fair- a British judge would be the chairman and there would be commissioners from Northern Nigeria. On July 29, 1966, they [the Northerners] struck again. This time they killed Ironsi.

After that, I knew that the end had come. The murder of 3,000 people, by any stretch of imagination, was terrible. 30,000 was the third massacre [September 29, 1966, pogrom], but there was nothing in the past to match the cruelty and sadism of the last massacre.

After the July 29, 1966, mutiny, I tried to get Lagos on the phone. All efforts failed. When eventually I got Lagos, nobody was willing to tell me what was happening. At last I got and spoke to the next most senior officer in Lagos [Brigadier Ogundipe]. I said to Brigadier Ogundipe: “What are you doing? Get the Army together; don’t let it disintegrate”. He said it was very difficult because he could not get the soldiers to obey him. But I told him to take a risk and shout at them; to get on the air and say something to the country. “

Tell them that you are the next most senior officer, you do not know where the Supreme Commander is, but you are trying to control the situation”. After a long time, he said “OK, I will do it”. When the statement was made over the air, it was a most supine statement. He said something like this: “Perhaps you do not know me, my name is Femi Ogundipe.

I am trying to do my best”, and that was the end! This only added to the confusion. Again I got on the phone to Brigadier Ogundipe, who said, “These people [Northern Nigerian soldiers] want to go [secede]; they say they cannot stop killing people unless we allow them to separate”. I advised that if that would stop the bloodshed, he should let them go. On another occasion after this I tried once again to contact him on the telephone-I waited for nearly half an hour without success-the man had fled.

Now what could I do? Luckily, both coups had not affected the then East. I thought of it, talked to Ejoor and even Katsina, but could not get any sense out of them. So I decided to phone Gowon. I rang him, but Mohammed [Colonel Mohammed] answered. He fetched Gowon, and as we were talking, it was quite clear a number of people [Northern Nigerian officers] were standing with them. Gowon could not answer any point unless he discussed it with the people standing around.

I got this conversation taped. He insisted he was going to announce that his boys would only be satisfied if he took over, and I told him that he could do so, but not the East. “ If you want, as Chief of Staff, and only as Chief of Staff in Lagos, I will cooperate with you to enable you to stabilize the situation so that Ogundipe or whoever is next in seniority to him can assume power. He replied that the other governors had agreed with him to take over. He told me that he was going to make a statement at 7 o’clock. I phoned Ejoor; he was not very coherent, and he said that all this slaughter must stop and that he left me to do what I could to help the situation.

Gowon announced himself the Supreme Commander, and immediately I decided with the few people available that if we once got under him we would not be able to get anything and all our people would be massacred under the legal cover of the assumed legitimacy of his rebellion. But if we stayed out and negotiated we could save our people. So I spoke out immediately that I did not recognize him as the head of the government. Later, I sent a team to Lagos to the Ad Hoc Constitutional Conference. While the team was discussing our Constitution, we endured another massacre on September 29, 1966.
 Ever since, I have made suggestions to bring about a solution. But each time a suggestion was made it was rejected and more bitterness was generated.

 When we found ourselves at Aburi, Ghana, it was our last chance. Those decisions at Aburi could have saved the situation, but again Gowon was very badly advised. He was very badly advised, though he was carried along by the way we all talked. My last statement to the group was: “ I know what is worrying you. We cannot solve this problem by hitting each other across the face. If we keep the agreements made here, Jack, I would probably ask this body to appoint you the Supreme Commander”. This you can ask General Ankrah. Gowon left his seat, came over to me, and embraced me. It was then Ankrah that said “All right, let us shake hands”.  When we ended the meeting, and came out of the hall, Gowon and Ankrah and I sat in Ankrah’s car and there he took my hand and placed it on Gowon’s hand and said, “Both of you have got 56 million people to look after.

If you keep to these agreements you will achieve peace; if you don’t, then whatever comes is your fault. You have seen the way, it is up to you.
 As a gesture of peace, I made a short visit to the Midwest before coming back to the East. I must say this for Gowon: The first three days after our return to Nigeria he did all right. But on the fourth day, he mentioned there was one publication he wanted to publish: Crisis 66. I said, “Why publish it now? If you do so, my people would now want me to answer and the whole problem would begin all over again”.
I suggested, “collect them, keep them, if I misbehave then publish it”.

He agreed. The next day the publication was announced all over the world. I rang him and he explained it as a leak. I spent the whole day discussing with him how to punish the director of the Ministry of Information. That night, tuning the various radio stations, I discovered that the book was formally launched by ambassadors in London, Washington, and Ghana; it was not a leak!
 Then the various attempts to implement Aburi failed, the refusal to pay our money came, the economic blockade followed, and finally came the fragmentation of the country.
 It was under these circumstances that Biafra was born. When it was born I made a statement and said it was going to be hard time.

I thought possibly that Gowon would try after that to bring us together very quickly. Intelligence reports spoke about the massing of troops by Gowon on Biafra‘s borders. He declared war. There had been an opportunity to strike first, but I knew that no matter what our temporary advantage, eventually with the Nigerian resources they would be able to push us back. So it became very important to me that the world should know that I was not the aggressor. We fought well for six weeks; then we were at par. British help came to Nigeria, and then Russian. Attempts at subversion, and then the journey to the slaughterhouse resumed. This was a journey that started from the Northern most part of the country and then slowly came to this place. It is not power I wanted. I initially came to this post as a routine military duty.

Looking back at it, I do not think I had a choice. Each time I felt perhaps that I had a choice.
Could I, after the July 29 massacre, say to the people of the East “ I resign, I am going ?”

C. Odumegwu Ojukwu
Interview with Jim Wilde of Time magazine, Umuahia, August 16, 1968

South-South Governors have demanded 13percent derivation from the Federal Government on the $1billion to be withdrawn from the Excess Crude Account to fund Northern Security Matters. This was part of resolutions adopted recently during a meeting of the South South governors held in Port Harcourt.
In attendance at the meeting were: Bayelsa State Governor, Seriake Dickson, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, Delta State Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa, Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel and Deputy Governor of Edo State, Philip Shaibu.
Briefing journalists after the meeting, Chairman of the Forum and Bayelsa State Governor, Seriake Dickson stated that the governors resolved to officially communicate to the appropriate authorities for the constitutional provision of 13 percent derivation to be applied and respected.
Seriake said: "We took the collective view that with respect to the Federal Government's effort to withdraw $1billion for national security, our position in this zone is in line with the constitutional provision on derivation.
"While we have no objection to the Federal Government spending money on security, including security of this zone, we believe the constitutional provision on 13percent derivation be applied and fully respected.
"We will communicate that to the appropriate authorities so that whatever amount that is withdrawn from the Excess Crude Account, being proceed of crude oil sale is subject to the 13 percent principle enshrined in the constitution. "
The South-South Governors Forum also called for the withdrawal of the Executive Bill forwarded to the National Assembly, wherein the Federal Government seeks to control the management of waterways.
The South-South Governors declared: "We also agreed that the bill currently making rounds in the National Assembly which we understand is an Executive Bill on management of water resources is offensive and obnoxious.
"We disagree with the centralized control of water resources as we are already dealing with the problem associated with over centralization of our country and we have agreed that the bill should be immediately withdrawn by the Federal Government and further consultations be made on that."
The South-South Governors further declared their support for restructuring of the country and the devolution of powers to the states.
The governors stated: "Everyone is aware of the ongoing clamour for devolution and a return to essential founding principle of this great country. And we in our meeting resolved as we have been speaking over sometime that we associate fully with the clamour for restructuring, for the clamour for true federalism and for the clamour for devolution of powers that are so concentrated at the centre to the federating units and we have agreed to support ongoing moves in that direction by working with like-minded Nigerians who mean well for the country so that we can all have a stable and prosperous and peaceful nation."

Worried by the incessant killings by terrorists in Benue and other Middle Belt states as well as other parts of Nigeria, a group known as nigeriamourns.org has declared Monday, May 28 as a national mourning and remembrance day in honour of thousands of people killed by Boko haram terrorists, Fulani jihadist terroror group as well as other perpetrators of violence, including military and SARS. The group, in a circular signed by its co-conveners, Abiodun Baiyewu – Teru and Chidi Anselm Odinkalu, a renowned human rights defender, have started massive mobilisation across the country towards the event.
The group stated that the pandemic rise in violent conflicts across Nigeria in the past decade, has become
more pronounced in the past 5 years, and has resulted in an unprecedented humanitarian crisis that is
spiralling out of control.
“The trajectory of these killings have taken a pandemic turn since the first quarter of this year, with no visible sign of abatement.
For example, in spite of gross underreporting, in Benue State alone, between 2013 and 2016, official
reports have estimated that 1,878 persons were killed, 222 disappeared and 750 grievously wounded.
This number included 526 women, 200 (38%) of whom were pregnant, and another 231 (44%) nursing
mothers. In the first quarter of 2018, at least 600 persons have been killed in the same state. In January
and February of 2018, the Benue State Emergency Management Agency, BSEMA, recorded 169,922
internally displaced persons. The killings affected 12 of the 23 local government areas in the state. More
than 10% of the population of Benue State have been directly affected by this crisis. Other states in the
Middle-Belt region and around the Benue Valley: Plateau, Taraba, Nassarawa, Adamawa, Kwara,
Kaduna and Kogi have also been impacted by this crisis and have recorded a combined number of
casualties almost equal to that of Benue state in the first quarter of 2018”, said the group,
“In addition to the on-going violence in the North-East region, the skirmishes in the South-South and
South East regions, The North-West and South-West regions are also contending with violent killings,
and kidnappings. The spread shows that these crises affect every Nigerian and that their continued
impunity will bear consequences that we all will be impacted by if we fail to act. The response of
stakeholders to these spate of violence will either catalyse action to ameliorate them, or lead to further
fragmentation of our already shaky nationhood.

“While it might appear that Nigerians have become totally desensitized to these killings and that we treat
the casualties simply as numbers, most of us are in fact traumatized and engulfed by a sense of
helplessness. In our collective despair, never have we felt more divided and insecure. It behoves upon
us therefore to unite in our grief and demand for our government to act responsibly to address these
killings, and put a stop to the impunity that has caused the violence to thrive. Hence our call for a
national day of mourning and remembrance”.

The  proposed activities for the National Day of Mourning and Remembrance include

a. Mourning at Unity Fountain, Abuja: That as a sign of our collective mourning, that we
perform mourning ceremonies at Unity Fountain between 7am – 7pm on May 28th, 2018.

b. Humanitarian convoy: A humanitarian convoy will take off from Unity Fountain in Abuja to
Makurdi, Benue State, the current epicenter of the crises, as a sign of our collective solidarity
with the individuals and communities caught up in the various crises.

c. Flying flags at half – mast: We invite all corporate entities, and the government to fly their
flags at half-mast for the entire day.

d. Call Their Name ceremonies: On the morning of the National Day of Remembrance, citizens
across each crisis impacted state will gather before their government house, or capital city
center square to call out the names of persons who had died in the conflicts to respect them as
persons and not just numbers.

e. Observation of Silence: We invite all Nigerians to observe a minute of silence at noon on May
28th. Radio and TV stations will be encouraged to support this action and advocate for their
audiences to do the same.

f. Solemn Assemblies: We call on all markets and institutions, including schools, to hold solemn
assemblies at about 11:45 am on May 28, to observe a minute silence at noon

In my view, much of the criticism of Buhari by Nigerian secularists and believers in democracy, misses the key point. They see him as a president who is failing in his job as a democratic leader. In so doing, they proceed, in their complaints and criticism and hopes, from a radical misperception of Buhari, and in false expectation that their criticism will change him. Buhari is not a democrat come to fix Nigeria, play by the rules of the constitution, or entrench democracy. And no amount of criticism for failing at democracy will change him. So these critics are wasting their time.
If you still don’t understand that President Buhari is a Jihadist war leader waging war on Nigeria and its democracy, or if you don’t understand the Jihadist mentality and mission, then everything else you know about Buhari will only compound your confusion. So let’s try to see Buhari’s actions and inactions through the Jihadist lens.
Only when we understand that Buhari is A FULANI JIHADIST PRESIDENT OF THE FULANI REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA, and that he is on Jihad against Nigeria and its democracy, will we understand that no amount of criticism from the democracy standpoint will have any effect on him. Can you imagine an armed robber stopping his robbery in mid-operation because of moral objections made by those he is robbing? Or a cat stopping its catching and eating of mice because of howls of objection from the mice?
As a Jihad leader, Buhari has come to destroy democracy, not to practice or protect it. He is not here to play by the rules of the fake constitution that the Caliphate installed as a stopgap until they could get a Jihadist to replace it with Sharia. Buhari is that Jihadist; and Buhari is here to impose Sharia on Nigeria. The only way to stop him and get democracy is to wage a Crusade and defeat him. A total crusade—political, economic, ideological, religious and military—is the only way to stop a Jihad.
Some claim Buhari is incompetent. But far from it; he is competent at what he is actually doing: waging Jihad. His seeming failure at democracy isn’t failure or incompetence at all. Can it be correctly said that someone is incompetent at what he is not doing or even trying to do, what he has chosen to not do? What’s actually happening is this: Buhari enters the boxing ring ostensibly for a boxing match. But once there, he turns into a Bruce Lee and engages in Kung Fu combat, and unleashes Kung Fu kicks, hand chops, grapples and other attacks. But his opponent, and the audience, don’t recognize what he is doing for what it is. So they claim he is not a good boxer, and even that he is an incompetent boxer. And they are hoping to get the referee to stop him. But there is no referee. Not realizing what’s going on, his opponent is helpless, and can’t or won’t defend himself appropriately, by also abandoning the rules of boxing and picking up the stool in the corner of the ring and smashing it on Buhari’s nose to force him to stop his Kung Fu combat. In other words, the non-Jihadists and anti-Jihadists should abandon the rules of democracy and launch a crusade to stop Buhari’s Jihad

End.ng has demanded the resignation of Buhari for his inability to protect Nigeriansagainst attacks by terrorists, notably, boko haram and Fulani herdsmen. Buhari has been severally accused of aiding and abetting the terrorists. He does not hesitate to defend them at every opportunity, and to justify their violent actions. Buhari, has been accused of using the terrorists to advance Islamic warfare known as jihad in Nigeria.
Below is the list:
• January 1 – 73 killed in Logo and Guma LGAs in Benue
• January 1 – 25 killed in ONELGA, Rivers
• January 1 – 2 killed in Awe LGA, Nasarawa
• January 1 – 25 Killed in Keana LGA, Nasarawa
• January 3 – 3 killed in Markurdi, Benue State
• January 4 – 6 killed in Wukari in Taraba
• January 4 – 1 killed in Gassol LGA, Taraba
• January 5 – 4 Killed in Lau LGA, Taraba
• January 5 – 15 killed in Tse Akombo, Tse Vii and Tse Agule vilages in Benue
• January 6 – 55 killed in Lau LGA in Taraba State
• January 8 – 3 killed in Sardauna LGA, Taraba
• January 8 – Two policemen killed in Logo, Benue State
• January 13 – 10 killed in Birnin Gwari LGA, Kaduna
• January 13 – 1 killed in Makurdi LGA, Benue
• January 14 – 1 killed in Bassa LGA, Plateau
• January 14 – 1 killed in Ibi LGA, Taraba
• January 16 – 5 killed in Madagali LGA, Adamawa
• January 16 – 5 killed in Guma, Logo and Okpokwu LGAs Benue
• January 18 – 11 killed in Madagali LGA, Adamawa
• January 21 – 1 killed in Barkin Ladi LGA, Plateau
• January 21 – 6 killed in Juman LGA, Adamawa
• January 21 - 2 killed in Aniocha North, Delta
• January 22 - 6 killed, 2 kids abducted in Maradun, Zamfara
• January 23 – 9 killed in Ardo Kola, Adamawa
• January 24 – 4 killed in Kaiama, Kwara
• January 25 – 15 killed in Bassa LGA, Plateau
• January 26 – 3 killed in Bassa LGA, Plateau
• January 26 – 2 killed in Ukum, Benue
• January 26 - 3 killed in Bassa, Plateau
• January 29 – 1 killed in Guma, Benue
• January 31 – 1 killed in Jema’a LGA, Kaduna
• January 31 –9 killed in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna
• February 1 – 4 killed in Gassol, Taraba
• February 2 –10 killed in Song, Adamawa
• February 5 – 2 killed in Guma, Benue
• February 6 – 8 killed in Obi, Nasarawa
• February 8 – 6 killed in Shellen, Adamawa
• February 10 – 2 killed in Benue
• February 10 – 3 killed in Bassa, Plateau
• February 11 – 4 killed in Jema’a, Kaduna
• February 12 – 2 killed in Guma, Benue
• February 15 - 41 killed in Zurmi LGA, Zamfara
• February 26 – 12 killed in Kajuru, Kaduna
• February 26: 2 soldiers killed, 6 missing in Damboa, Borno
• February 27 – 20 killed in Demsa, Adamawa
• March 1 – 15 killed in Saradauna, Taraba
• March 1 - 4 police, 4 soldiers, and 4 aid workers killed in Kala/Balge, Borno
• March 4 – 20 killed in Saradauna, Taraba
• March 5 – 25 killed in Okpokwu, Benue
• March 7 – 2 killed in Takum, Taraba
• March 8 – 11 killed in Bassa, Plateau
• March 9 – 9 killed in Bokkos, Plateau
• March 12 – 26 killed in Bassa, Plateau
• March 13 – 7 killed in Guma, Benue
• March 13 – 1 killed in Lokoja, Kogi
• March 14 – 32 killed in Daima/Omala, Kogi
• March 14 – 6 killed in Bassa, Plateau
• March 15 – 5 killed in Takum, Taraba
• March 19 –10 killed in Omala, Kogi
• March 20 – 11 killed in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna
• March 22 – 3 killed in Jos South, Plateau
• March 24 – 5 killed in Makurdi, Benue
• March 25 - 2 killed in Agatu, Benue
• March 25: 2 killed in Guma, Benue
• March 28 - 60 killed in Bawon-Danji, Zamfara
• March 29 - 6 killed in Jema'a, Kaduna
• March 30 – 6 killed in Jema’a, Kaduna
• March 30 - 32 killed in Anka LGA, Zamfara
• April 4 – 6 killed in Chikun, Kaduna
• April 4 – 4 killed in Takum, Taraba
• April 4 – 10 killed in Gwer West, Benue
• April 5 – 5 killed in Dobga, Taraba
• April 5 – 30 killed in Gwer West, Benue
• April 5 – 50 killed in Offa, Kwara*
• April 7 – 4 killed in Bali, Taraba
• April 7 – 2 killed in Agatu, Benue
• April 8 – 5 killed in Birkin Ladi, Plateau State
• April 8 – 5 murdered in Obi, Nasarawa
• April 8 – 4 killed in Keana, Nasarawa
• April 9 – 1 killed in Guma, Benue
• April 10 – 10 murdered in Benue
• April 10 – 51 killed in Wukari, Taraba
• April 12 – 2 killed in Markudi, Benue
• April 12 – 2 murdered in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna
• April 13 – 5 killed in Bassa, Kogi
• April 13 - 26 killed in Kuru Kuru, Zamfara
• April 14 – 4 killed in Logo, Benue
• April 14 – 78 murdered in Obi, Nasarawa
• April 17 – 1 killed in Logo, Benue
• April 18 – 4 killed in Bassa, Plateau
• April 19 – 1 killed in Kutigi, Niger
• April 19 - 30 killed in Maru LGA, Zamfara
• April 19 – 1 killed in Gwer West, Benue
• April 20 – 31 killed in Guma, Benue
• April 25 – 19 killed in Gwer East, Benue
• April 25 – 38 killed in Guma, Benue
• April 25 – 7 killed in Awe, Nassarawa
• April 28 – 14 killed in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna
• April 29 – 5 killed in Gwer West, Benue
• April 28: Bandits killed fourteen miners in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna.
• April 28 – 8 killed in Gwer West, Benue
• May 1 – 84 killed in Mubi South, Adamawa
• May 1 – 6 killed in Guma, Benue
• May 2 – 10 killed in Konduga, Borno
• May 2 – 13 killed in Maru, Zamfara
• May 3 – 15 killed in Numan and Lamurde LGAs in Adamawa
• May 3 - 13 killed in Zamfara
• May 4 – 3 killed in Konduga, Borno
•ENDS.ng is highly extolled for helping Civilian JTF defend Borno
We provide this manual to help all Nigerian masses
•PROTEST for the Nigerian govt. to redeploy the 80% police currently assigned as bodyguards for the wealthy cabal to #ProtectUs masses
•KNOW: Nigeria's Criminal Code Act (Chapter 77) Part 5, subsection 25:286 Authorizes self-defense from terrorists
•Form organised self-defense vigilante groups
•NEVER Initiate Attacks On Innocent Citizens
•COLLABORATE: Share contact numbers to alert group members on incoming attacks
•Get walkie-talkies if you can
•ALERT: Create citizen alert systems to alert the populace by phone messaging and loud sounds
•LOOK OUT: Have volunteers on rotation at look-out posts
•BEAR ARMS: Mobilize self-defense weapons within legal limits even as little as catapults and bow and arrows
•OVERPOWER terrorists, seize their weapons & use them against them
•EXPOSE movement & hideouts of terrorists on the social media
•Whenever you apprehend suspects, NEVER HARM THEM, take their pictures and post on twitter #ProtectMe and send to us @CabalMustGo then hand them over to the authorities
Signed: Dr. Perry Brimah; @EveryNigerian

It was like a war movie at the Port Harcourt high court premises on Friday, 20 April 2018 as Rotimi Amaechi’s faction of APC thugs, guarded by the notorious Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS invaded the premises of the rivers state high court in a gestapo-raid style. The invaders stormed the court premises as early as 6 AM and locked up the gates to the premises to ensure courts did not sit on that day. Chanting war songs, they shot sporadically  into the air, attacked people and vandalised cars parked both within and around the court premises. For several hours, they had a field day, shooting and looting, while other security operatives looked on.
The APC thugs and Police damaged several courtrooms, ransacked the  court library , destroyed vehicles  and looted shops .  Hundreds of expended bullets littered the High Court Complex.
 Governor Wike said it is unfortunate that the Nigeria Police connived with leaders of the APC to close the courts and stop it from dispensing justice to Rivers  people.
He said: "This is very unfortunate.  Do not trivialize this invasion by saying it is just an attack by the APC on the judiciary.  This is a complete coup by the Nigerian Police and the APC to overthrow the Rivers State Government.
"We have said it before and we have been vindicated by this callous joint invasion of the Rivers State Judiciary".
He regretted that the Rivers State Police Commissioner decided to copy the Inspector General of Police in the exhibition of recklessness and lawlessness against an arm of Government carrying out its lawful duty.
"We cannot continue  to rely on the police to defend us. We must all stand up to defend democracy.  What has happened is a sign of what APC and Police have planned.
"APC Federal Government is not prepared for  election.  Therefore, they want to truncate the nation's democracy.  They are fomenting trouble to create an avenue  for the military to take over.
Governor Wike noted that it was the immediate past Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi who plotted the attack on the Judiciary on Thursday on behalf of the Federal Government , pointing out that the plot was executed by a Former Local Government Chairman already standing
trial for serial murder.

The Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki has led other senators to visit their colleague, Senator Dino Melaye at the National Hospital, Abuja.
Melaye was admitted into the hospital on Tuesday following an attack by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS when they were forcefully taking him to Kogi to be paraded in court along with some suspected criminals. It was alleged that the Senator was pushed out of moving Police vehicle. Some of his colleagues who tried to visit him on Tuesday and early Wednesday reported that the police prevented them from seeing their colleague.
However, the President of the Senate, following a resolution on the floor of the senate, led a powerful delegation to the hospital to see their colleague and ascertain his state of health.
The senate had adjourned plenary on Wednesday following a two prayers over the arrest and humiliation of their colleague.
The decision of the Senate followed a motion moved by Senator Sam Anyanwu over the arrest of their colleagues. Anyanwu had decried that the police refused him and other colleagues from seeing Melaye at the hospital.
The prayer that the senate adjourn was moved by Senator Mao Ohuabunwa who insisted that there was no need for the senate to sit and debate when the health condition of their colleague was unknown.
The prayer was seconded by Senator Sunny Ugboji and adopted by the senate and the senate thereafter adjourned plenary.
The senate also adopted the motion that the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, should come and brief the senate in plenary..
Speaking to newsmen, Saraki notrd that the Senate leadership was very concerned about the turn of events surrounding the arrest and humiliation of their colleague.
 “We as leaders are very concerned, Deputy leader and others have been sent to look for Dino Melaye. But it has gone beyond that and I can appreciate the emotions that have passed.
“The IGP should brief us tomorrow.
“I want to thank those who contributed. At times like this it is difficult to speak the truth because this is a violation on one, a violation on all of us, a violation on the institution and a violation on democracy.
“This action is a threat to the democracy we are all fighting for,
“We are about to go into an election period, and if these are the kind of excesses we will see from those responsible to protect us, then it is a cause for concern.
“We must all condemn this action, we should not be spending our energy on things like this,” he said.
Saraki added that since the incident, he had been trying to reach the Police IGP to no avail, adding that is smirks of disrespect to him and to the institution of the Senate.
“I have not been able to reach the IGP and that is a disrespect, not only to me as an individual but to the institution of the Senate.
“This must stop. There are procedures and there are ways, he said.
Speaking earlier, Senator Chukwuka Utazi challenged his colleagues to speak the truth at all times insisting that it does not matter if the senator in question was liked by all.
According to him, it could be Dino today and someone else tomorrow, adding that the action was an affront on the institution and on democracy.
He charged his colleagues that anyone who refrained from speaking or who supports the actions of the Police was not acting in the interest of Nigeria.
Senator Shehu Sani who gave soul searching sermon called on his colleagues and all arms of government to be mindful of their actions while they are in power as power would not always remain in their hands.
He stressed that the right things must be done by all who are in position of authority so that posterity would judge them fairly.
Shortly before the senate adjourned, the delegation that was earlier sent to the National Hospital by Saraki returned to brief the upper legislative chamber.
Deputy Leader of the Senate Bala Ibn Na’Allah who led the delegation told the house that they were able to speak with the doctor in charge as well as the medical director of the hospital.
“The assurance we have is that they are doing what is possible to stabilize him. Currently he is in the intensive care unit and they are doing all they can to stabilize him.
“We tried to see him but the instruction is that only Senator Kaka and Abu Ibrahim have the permission to see him.
“There is one issue that is worrisome: his feeding is an issue, the Police is afraid to feed him, the National Hospital also expressed reservation about feeding him, but before we left we had a discussion on how to feed him.
“It was agreed that if there is a way they can arrange for food from any source but the source must taste the food first.
“There is an insistence to remove him from the National Hospital but the hospital has insisted that the police must sign an undertaken before he can be removed,” he said

House of Representatives member from Rivers state, Hon Kingsley Chinda has called for the impeachment of Buhari, saying that he has committed impeachable offenses. Among the offenses, according to Hon Chinda, was the authorisation, by Buhari, for the purchase of airplanes at a whopping sum of $469m without the approval of the National Assembly. It was noted that the planes would be delivered in 2020.
Hon Chinda, who is the House Committee Chairman on appropriation and public accounts noted that the spending by Buhari is a breach of the constitution which does not recognize anticipatory approval.
“This is an impeachable offense and there is no misconduct more serious than this”, said Chinda.
He urged the House to commence the impeachment of Mr President.
It has been disclosed that the current cost of Tucano jets bought and deployed in Afghanistan is still $10.47m per jet. Buhari has squandered an excess of $343m on the shady deal of purchase of 12 airplanes, said a source.
Buhari approved $469m instead of $125.64m for 12 pieces to be delivered in 2020, thereby increasing the cost of one jet to $39m with Nigeria losing $343.36m in the deal.

Nigerians have been warned that if they give Gen. Buhari a second chance, he would change the constitution to make himself a life president. The warning was given by a United State of America based  Professor, Farooq Kperogi through his twitter handle, @farooqkperogi. He cautioned that a second term for buhari will spell doom for Nigerians, saying that he will be more brutal than he is presently.
He recalled that this life presidency project was the ambition of Obasanjo, another retired Army General, but Nigeria was saved then by the  National Assembly. Kperogi who was among those who supported Buhari in 2015 told Nigerians to ensure that Buuhari is kicked out in 2019 as he does not mean well for the country.

Inspite of plots by the APC to frustrate the formation of Neighbourhood security watch in rivers state, the governor has insisted that there is no going back on the decision to provide security in the state. To show his determination, Gov Wike has inaugurated the Board of Directors of the State Neighbourhood Safety Corps Agency, with a charge to the members to kick-start the process of recruiting quality operatives for the agency.
Performing the inauguration on Monday at the Government House, Port Harcourt, Wike said there is no going back on the establishment of the agency because it is central to the security of the state.
He charged them to use their  "experiences and capabilities to ensure that the Rivers State Neighbourhood Safety Corps Agency takes off effectively.
"Start the recruitment process of the operatives. By September, 2018, I expect that the training of operatives would have been concluded and the agency fully operational ".
He charged members of the Neighbourhood Safety Corps Agency not to be swayed by the antics of opponents of the establishment of the agency because their duty is vital to the stability of the state.
The governor alerted the nation that some politicians have approached the police to sabotage the scheme by rejecting operatives recruited by the agency.
He said that the State Executive Council will approach the Rivers State House of Assembly for the amendment of the Neighbourhood Safety Corps Agency law, so that the Police will not be required to vet the recruited operatives as is obtainable in Lagos State.
The governor advised the Board of Directors of the Neighbourhood Safety Corps Agency to recruit only persons that have the interest of the state at heart.
He said contrary to criticisms against the Neighbourhood Safety Corps, they are only to bear light arms subject to the approval of the Police, adding that the light arms to be borne by the agency's operatives would be for self defence.
"The Chairman of the Board is a retired Brigadier General, while the Director General is a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police. We have appointed credible and experienced retired security chiefs because we want the best for the state.
'Now that we have prevailing peace in the state, all efforts should be geared towards sustaining it", he said.
Responding, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Neighbourhood Safety Corps Agency , Brigadier General Dick Ironabare assured the government and people of the state that the agency will work to enhance state-wide security.
He commended the Rivers State Governor for deeming it necessary to set up the new security scheme, which is in line with international best practices of securing communities.
The Chairman said the agency will work within the ambit of the law in the discharge of her duties. He said most of the people opposed to the Rivers State Neighbourhood Safety Corps Agency do so because they don't understand its relevance in modern day security framework.
He commended Governor Wike for the support rendered to security agencies across the state as well as the promulgation of stringent laws to check kidnapping and cultism.
Those inaugurated as Board of Directors of the Neighbourhood Safety Corps Agency include: Brigadier General Dick Ironabare --Chairman ,Chief Casca Ogosu --Member ,Mr Dennis Amachree -Member ,Prof Emenike Wami -Member,Anthony Uzo Ozurumba -Member ,Uche Mike Chukwuma - Director General ,Mrs Victoria Chikeka --- Member , Barrister Nma Omereji.

The dreaded FULANI Herdsmen terrorists in a night attack killed four family members in Mbiya Central village at the outskirts of Takum town, in Takum Local Government Area of Taraba state, village of Gen T Y Danjuma, former chief of army staff.  The attack is believed to be the reaction of Buhari and the Fulani terrorists to the revelation by T.Y,Danjuma that the Nigerian security, under Buhari, aids terrorists to kill innocent Nigerians,
Confirming the report on, Chairman of Takum Local Government, Hon. Shiban Tikare, said a nine months old baby mysteriously survived the attack.
He said the attackers stormed the village around 2:00 am on last Wednesday and slaughtered the four family members who were deep asleep.
“We heard gunshots around 1:00 am along Takum -Ussa road and while we were making efforts to mobilise policemen to the area, we heard sporadic gunshots at Mbiya Central, a community, just at the outskirts of Takum town.
“By the time we got there, a family of four; a man, his wife and two children were slaughtered like chickens. A baby mysteriously survived the attack. The attackers whom we suspected to be Fulani herdsmen also attacked Basam, a village close to retired Gen. TY Danjuma’s farm and set the whole village ablaze”, Tikare said.
The Chairman further revealed that the killings are going on in the area despite the extension of Exercise Ayem Akpatuma (Cat Race) in the area. The soldiers have been accused of brutalising the people of the area. “Instead of combing the villages to flush out the attackers, the Army is busy brutalising people in the town, my people are disappointed with the exercise that is not yielding the desired results”, Tikare added.
When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer, ASP. David Misal confirmed the attack in Takum. He did not however give any casualty figures.
Takum is the hometown of Gen. TY Danjuma (rtd) and Governor Darius Ishaku.
Danjuma had recently alleged that the Armed Forces were colluding with bandits to kill Nigerians,
and urged Nigerians to rise up and defend themselves to avoid ethnic cleansing

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has raised alarm over a plot by Gen Buhari and his agents to frame him up by planting illegal items on him in any of his trips outside the shores of Nigeria, and have him quizzed and embarrassed by foreign security agencies.
A statement by Simeon Nwakaudu, Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor on Electronic Media noted that investigations by the Rivers State Governor revealed the Federal Government headed by Buhari is using her security agencies to plan the set up anytime the governor travels abroad.
The governor said: " My investigation reveals that the Federal government using her security agencies is planning to set me up anytime I am travelling outside the country. They plan to organise security to storm the hotel I am staying and say they found xyz cash in my possession; after which they would say I was arrested for currency trafficking or whatever offences outside the country.
"They will then precipitate crisis in my state and other parts of Nigeria. They will plan demonstrations to demonize me and claim I have gone outside to embarrass the country. The public odium is meant to smear me before my people and other Nigerians. It is unfortunate, wicked and unfair.
"What they plan is similar to what was once done to the late Chief DSP Alamieseigha. They are planning what they call the 'Alams treatment' for me. But, by the grace of Almighty God, they will fail."
Governor Wike said, though he was neither scared nor disturbed over the plot, he felt the need to alert the nation and the world to the evil and dangerous dimension politics had degenerated in the country.
He said: "I am using this opportunity to alert the world of the sinister plot. I am a law-abiding citizen of this country and countries I visit in the course of my work or holidays. I have never dabbled into anything illegal. So, any attempt to frame me up on trumped up charges or alleged offences is bound to fail."
"What they are doing is just cheap politics. They want to intimidate the opposition into silence as they are already doing with their so-called 'looters' list'. It won't work. We can't all be intimidated. What we expect government at the centre to do is to showcase to the people their lists of achievements; why they should get a second chance. But they have nothing to show; so they are embarking on intimidation and arm-twisting tactics of the opposition."
Governor Wike said he was sure of resounding victory at the polls in 2019, because he has been serving the people diligently and efficiently.
"My works will speak for me. My projects will speak for. The People of Rivers State will speak for me by voting me back. No shaking, " he said.

Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has released Hussaini Maitangaran, a Boko Haram commander and one of the African deadliest terrorist who was responsible for the overall activities of the Islamist terror group.
Maitangaran, who is also the Boko Haram chief Bombmaker allegedly spearheaded several deadly attacks in Kano, especially the November 28, 2014 bombing of Kano Central Mosque, and responsible for the killing over 1,200 people.
On the November 28 bombing, about 120 people were killed and 260 injured in Kano Central Mosque.
He was arrested by the Directorate of State Security (DSS) by the previous government after being on the wanted list since 2012.
Terrorist Maitangara, a member of the Al-Barnawi faction of Boko Haram, was released by the government of APC headed by Buhari, as part of their desperation to use the terrorists for the rigging of the 2019 elections. It was gathered that he and his colleagues were handsomely rewarded with millions of naira.
The Al-Barnawi faction was accused of kidnapping the Dapchi school girls by the Nigerian government, but the group washed its hands off any involvement with Dapchi school girls abduction.
The locals in Maiduguri claimed that Hussaini as gone back to what he knows best, bomb-making and bombing innocent lives and the reason for series of bomb attacks in the metropolitan in the last few weeks.
Boko Haram attacked Maiduguri on Sunday night, killing 29 people and 83 people were seriously

Reno Omokri, a spokesperson for former President Goodluck Jonathan, has launched a blistering attack on the Nigerian government and the Minister of Information, Mr LIE LAI Mohammed, over two lists of alleged looters released by the administration.
Mr Lai Mohammed, had organised 2 press conferences in Lagos, first on Friday, and later on Sunday during which he released two separate lists he claimed contained names of persons who were involved in looting nigeria’s treasury. The lists have however been dismissed as a list of those opposed to the failed rulership of Gen. Buhari.
But reacting to the Lai Mohammed’s lists, Reno Omokri criticised the government for failing to include names of members of the ruling APC accused of or being tried for corruption.
In a statement entitled: "The Real Looters List That Buhari and Lai Mohammed Do Not Want You To Know About,” the former president’s spokesperson named 10 members of the APC he said are being protected by the APC government.
A few days ago, the fallacious minister of information, the rightly named Lai Mohammed, whose first name rhymes with his life’s calling, released a so called ‘looters list’ with six names of alleged looters.

After he was ridiculed by civil society, the opposition and the international community, Mr. Lai Mohammed hurriedly put out a statement tagging his list a ‘teaser’.
When that lie refused to fly, the notorious fibber, Lai Mohammed, released yet another list on  April 1, 2018. Coincidentally, April 1 is April Fools day and it was befitting that Lai released his list on that day because only a fool will believe the list he put together.
His list did not contain even one member of the All Progressive Congress. If the list proves anything, it is that President Buhari, Lai Mohammed and their All Progressive Congress are not fighting corruption. Instead they are supporting corruption.
I have taken the pains to produce a ‘teaser’ looters list of APC members who are collectively alleged to have looted over $2 billion (when you convert the dollar value of what they allegedly looted at the time they allegedly looted it).
I challenge President Buhari and Lai Mohammed to explain why these men did not feature on their list and why they continue to remain in this APC government where they wield immense powers and influence, even over the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission that is meant to prosecute them.
I further challenge President Buhari and Lai Mohammed to explain to Nigerians why they failed to reveal to Nigerians that President Buhari himself is a MAJOR beneficiary of the funds that the former National Security Adviser, Colonel Sambo Dasuki, received from the treasury for the security of Nigerians.
I assure Nigerians that Sambo Dasuki is not in jail for a crime he committed in 2015. He is rather being persecuted for a ‘crime’ he committed in 1985.
*Please find below the teaser list of looters.
APC Looters List:-
Rotimi Amaechi: Indicted by the Justice George Omeregi led Rivers State Judicial Commission of Inquiry of looting ₦97 billion along with co indictees including a former army general.
Saminu Turaki: Alleged to have looted ₦36 billion. First charged before Justice Sabi’u Yahuza of the Federal High Court in Dutse, Jigawa State. Currently facing trial before justice Nnamdi Dimgba at the FCT High Court.
Timipre Sylva: A well known financier and supporter of the APC administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. Alleged to have looted ₦19.7 billion. Was facing trial before Justice A. Y. Mohammed of the Federal High Court, Abuja. However, two days after President Buhari was sworn in, the new APC government WITHDREW the charges preferred against Sylva on June 1, 2015 and on October 3, 2018, the EFCC returned to Sylva, 48 houses seized from him during the administration of former president, Goodluck Jonathan in 2013 to him.
Murtala Nyako: Alleged to have looted ₦29 billion. Currently facing trial before Justice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court sitting in Maitama, Abuja.
Senator Danjuma Goje: Alleged to have looted ₦25 billion. Currently facing trial before the Federal High Court, sitting in Jos, Plateau State.
*Senator Abdullahi Adamu:* Alleged to have looted ₦15 billion with the help of 18 co accused. Charged on March 3, 2010. The case continues to linger in court.
*Orji Kalu:* Alleged to have looted ₦3.2 billion. Currently facing trial before Justice Mohammed Idris of the Federal High Court sitting in Lagos.
*Kayode Fayemi:* Indicted by the Ekiti Judicial Commission of Inquiry headed by former Ekiti State chief judge and the Oluyin of Iyin-Ekiti, Ademola Ajakaiye, of sundry financial malfeasance totaling over ₦2 billion.
*Senator Joshua Dariye:* Alleged to have looted ₦1.2 billion. Currently facing trial before Justice Adebukola Banjoko at an FCT High Court.
*Babachir Lawal: former Secretary to the Government of the Federation.* Allegedly gave a ₦200 million contract to his own company from monies meant to look after Internally Displaced Persons. Has been sacked after protest by the opposition and civil society. Has still not been charged. Was allowed to be replaced by his own cousin. *By the omission of these names, the Buhari led Federal Government has vindicated Transparency International.*
According to Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, Nigeria is more corrupt today under Buhari than at any other time since Transparency International started keeping records!
*We have moved 12 places backward from 136 to 148.* Yet this administration has the guts to accuse a government under whom Nigeria made her best ever progress on the Corruption Perception Index of corruption? *We moved from 144 to 136 in 2014 under President Jonathan because that government fought corruption in court and not through the media.*
Note that this is just a teaser. Depending on the reaction of the Buhari-led government, more name will be released before 2019 elections

A Niger Delta social justice crusader and Convener of Niger-Delta Self-Determination Movement, NDSDM, Ankio Briggs, has warned the federal government headed by General Muhammadu Buhari against its plan to grant amnesty to members of the Boko Haram terror group known to be associated with ISIS. She insisted that with resources from the Niger Delta soil should not be used to settle and empower terrorists in the guise of amnesty program..
Opposing the plan, Ankio Briggs said amnesty for Boko Haram would amount to the government admitting that Nigerian government has failed woefully and is incapable of saving Nigerians from terrorists and foreign invaders.
She recalled that the government had repeatedly described Boko Haram terrorists and killer herdsmen as foreigners.
She wondered why the government would turn around to grant foreigners amnesty in Nigeria.
According to the crusader, ”Boko Haram has owned up to being a terrorist group. It has declared its support and affiliation to the ISIS, a renowned world terrorist organisation.
“If the government wants to grant amnesty to a terrorist groups, I think this country is finished. It means kidnappers, armed robbers and other criminals can be granted amnesty.
”This government wants Nigerians to believe that Boko Haram will embrace amnesty. I hope they don’t want to use Niger Delta oil money for the amnesty programme.
“Government has told us repeatedly that Boko Haram are foreigners. By wanting to grant amnesty to Boko Haram, the government has admitted that Nigeria has failed and it has no capacity to protect Nigerians. We have killer herdsmen all over the place.
“Foreigners have invaded Nigeria and the best the government can do is to grant them amnesty? That is why we in the Niger Delta want referendum.”

On Thursday, March 29, Nigeria’s dictatorial ruler, Gen Muhammadu Buhari stormed Lagos amidst very tight security to participate in owambe parties organised by the state government as part of the fanfare of the commissioning of a motor park built by the state government. A British super model, actress and singer, Naomi Campbell was allegedly invited to join Buhari in the celebration.
However, while the fanfare was going on in Lagos, 11 soldiers killed by boko haram terrorists on March 20 along Birnin Gwari - Funtua road during a military operation named Ayem Akpatuma, were sorrowfully being buried at the Commonwealth Cemetery, Kaduna, amidst tears. The fallen soldiers include Private Olabode Hammed, Private Bamidele Adekunke Emmanuel, Private Onuchukwu Christian Chigoziri, Private Adamu Muhammed, Private Lamara Ahmed and Private Mubarak Suleiman, as well as Private Bashir Dani, Private Usman Abubakar Halo. Private Nafiu Iliyasu, Private Safiyanu Ahmed and Private Alhassan Ibrahim.
It was never expected that Buhari, a retired soldier, and commandr in chief of the armed forces would be attending a party when soldiers killed in active service were being buried. 

Nigeria’s maximum ruler, Gen Mohammadu Buhari escaped being lynched at the National Mosque, Abuja last Friday, 30th March 2018 by angry protesters suspected to be members of Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

Buhari, who came to the Mosque for the second time since his inauguration in 2015 for the wedding of his brother-in-law, Hamza, was attacked by a large group of irate worshippers immediately after the end of the Friday prayers.

Sensing the danger, security forces took over the environment and barricaded the president. The worshippers, shouting ‘you are a murderer, an unjust leader and a hypocrite’, were blocked by the security. They continued saying ‘we are ready to die, you can kill us all’.

It was gathered that the protesters knew that Buhari would be at the mosque for the marriage ceremony so they mobilized against him. Julius Berger had earlier in the day erected high barricades around the mosque, which gave out that the president was going to attend Hamza’s wedding.

Many faithful considered Buhari’s presence in the mosque as a desecration of the mosque as he refused to pull off his shoes and to sit on the floor like other muslims.

The oppressive one-North is on its death-bed. General Yakubu Danjuma sang the Nunc Dimittis on Saturday. But if the Middle Belt states are free finally, the credit cannot go to this taciturn General from Takum. The Fulani conquerors deserve the prize; they scored the golden own goal. It has taken the Hausa / Fulani and their Kanuri collaborators just three years of bloody indiscretion to unravel 104 years of one-North myth. The greedy mice of the tiny Fulani elite have peed into the North’s soup pot; everyone has now learnt to answer his mother’s name. We are at the threshold of a new phase in the struggle for a new Nigeria. But then, the battle has just started. The dying won’t let go of their inheritance quietly.
Beyond Danjuma’s Taraba, Benue and Plateau, is there anywhere else that is not feeling the pangs of Hausa / Fulani / Kanuri elite destruction? I call their abode the Core-North which is not interested in catching up with anybody. Its interest is in dragging everyone else to where it is – on ground zero. It sees beauty in the millions of untrained children milling its streets, maiming and killing for their sport. Northern Nigeria is the death of Nigeria and its destiny – we better be ready for the obsequies, the funeral rites. Look at that Dapchi school – did they not say it is a secondary school? I wanted to ask why none of those rescued girls could communicate in English. I saw a bold one on the CNN, an interpreter did the job for her. I wanted to ask why -but then, I remembered my father warned me a long time ago to seal my lips when sandstorms howl. “There are moments in every age when silence gives peace,” he told me. Just like his prayers, my father’s counsel have never failed me. They have surfaced to solve riddles for me at every crossroad of life. Today, silence is what the north demands from all. You heard what the President said last Friday? We are not to tell the sick that he is unwell. We will be silent.
But can I talk and sulk to myself now that the ship is off the radar? If the South wants to help the North, where will it start? How many years will it take those Dapchi girls to string alphabets together to make words? How do we help them mould the vague words of their lives into meaningful sentences? How long? Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai, appears to have an idea of where the rain started beating his people from. He told State House correspondents last Thursday in Abuja: “If a child loses quality education, he is done for life. If a child doesn’t get quality healthcare in the first two years, he is destroyed for life.” The Far North is that child. It is lost. Can it still be saved? Silence! Remember the world is not waiting for anyone; but the North is dragging the South into its misfortune of stunted existence. It educates only children of the royals. The hewers of wood are very happy scavenging in the woods; they are richly blessed, contented with their miseducation in Chibok and Dapchi.
North to South, Presidents and Governors abandon the poor to fund their fancies. They borrow and spend tomorrow’s money building long bridges which lead to no where. American billionaire, Bill Gates, told our President and Governors this much last Thursday: If you build roads without educating and caring for the people, your roads and bridges are mere ornamental tragedies. Bill Gates didn’t know that we don’t listen to wisdom and truth here. Even our ancestors warned us: The child you left unbuilt will auction the brick and mortar you are investing in. Did we listen? We ignored the ancestors. We spurned them and their meddlesomeness. We are seeing this clearly in the North’s misfortune. The foundation is also being massively laid in the South by a generation of Governors with strange ideas. Mega schools, zero education is the craze-concept everywhere. When you do that what do you get? What you harvest is an army of the miseducated, or the under-educated or even the uneducable. This odious collage will soon file out de-civilising humanity. That should explain how the North bred its current leaders- gentlemen who break bridges of peace with ease. The North’s cup is full. It is facing the consequences of its hereditary almajiri leadership. The long years of North’s mistreatment of its poor and the Minorities have driven the chicken home to roost. The uneducated, the marginalized have become kings of the elite roads, the kabiyesi, abducting and releasing to get billions.
Now, I saw these photos of Dapchi folks embracing abductors of their girls. I wanted to ask questions. How did we get here?  I wanted to ask about the North and how Northerners think in that queer corridor. Journalists were barred from covering the return of the girls last Wednesday. Again, I felt the urge to join the troublemakers who were asking why. Why should we open our gates to the masked men of Boko Haram and shut out witnesses to good tidings? But then, I remembered: What you see and must not tell is what the Yoruba call Ariigbodowi. A report said the Dapchi abductors brought the girls at dawn, at 3am. But I saw photos with shadows of persons shaking Boko Haram hands. What cast those shadows before daybreak? The sun, the moon or the stars or what? It is safe to keep quiet and stop asking questions about the Nigerian state – especially about Northern Nigeria. Some nations value and venerate silence. Today’s Nigeria is one of such. The silent ones, the ones who see no evil and who say no evil, are the saved here. The deaf and dumb are the wise; they never lack anything money and positions can buy. They live long too to enjoy the fruits of their silence. In the public sphere, they won’t ask why Dapchi mothers and fathers hail their tormentors; Why the abductors of priceless daughters suddenly became saviours. The wise won’t ask questions and they will have peace.
● Leaders and imperative of self development:
Nigeria shares so much with Lloyd Jones, author of A History of Silence. For Lloyd, the family trait is silence. All around him he feels it. He knows that willful forgetfulness is what “the shamed bestows upon the progeny.” And he could see great wreaths of silence wound around his life and those of his siblings. You cannot live in Nigeria of today and not feel like this scholar of Silence. Like him, in the windows and hallways and highways of our lives are conformist garlands. Only those who know how to keep quiet get decorated. Golden prizes wink at every repented troublemaker in this republic of wonders. I wish I could keep quiet too. People who close their eyes and seal their lips enjoy the breeze of salvation here.
There is a competition of silence going on. Who is financing Boko Haram and fueling their vehicles of violence? Silence! A Dapchi girl was reported by The Guardian of UK saying she and her colleagues were “flown in planes and taken over rivers in boats” on their way back to freedom. Whose plane? Which airport? Silence! The pursuit of silence, argues George Prochnik, “begins with a surrender of the chase; the abandonment of efforts to impose our will and visions on the world.” So many things happen same time – or rapidly, one after the other. And in the maze of the confusion we drop the glove; we surrender. What is the need struggling with a Nigeria that is beyond repairs? With every change or solution comes an even bigger headache. Boko Haram used to enter villages and spill blood; now they enter and shake hands. They used to abduct and marry off or sell girls; now they return the girls intact, free of charge – without ransom. We thought Boko Haram was enough; now we know there is something more mobile everywhere called herdsmen; Danjuma called them ‘armed bandits’ with official cover. These ones know no geography - everywhere is their land of claim and blood. They are powerful and untouchable. Even policemen are afraid to call them by their names. They are spelt and pronounced in silence. And after the huge noise of Chibok we thought nothing gross like that would ever happen again. But it happened; Dapchi happened – a clone of its inglorious precursor, but the noise was muffled. From abroad, interest in this version of Chibok was weak. The vocal cords lost their strength because this is 2018 Nigeria where noise is a crime.
Ugliness is the beauty of Northern Nigeria. The Core North sees nothing unhealthy peeing in the pool. It does this and serves the water to its thirsty minions. It also drinks from the pool showing off its magenta dentition. The shameless elite of the North are interested only in power, money and virgins. They are not bothered about anything else. The North’s life of disasters exposes other parts of the country to mortal dangers. But it doesn’t know it has any problem; it is drunken in the awesomeness of the powers it assumes it has. It won’t grow and won’t let others grow. The North is acutely stunted in form and content and you wonder why? Is what we see today the vision of Ahmadu Bello and Abubakar Tawafa Balewa? Those leaders were sound and well and coherent in thought and deeds. After these worthy ancestors, what else can we see? Rotten tomatoes repackaged for national consumption. And the Northern elite still tell us others cannot live without them. Did you not hear Ibrahim Coomassie of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) proclaiming his people’s indispensability? The South cannot survive without the North, he says. Why should blood-soaked Afghanistan declare itself indispensable to its sane neighbours? When was the last time the North gave Nigeria a reason to smile? It is a huge lake of blood; a field of stupid deaths; a world of unusual disasters; a parade of scented ugliness; a diseased region. And what do experts do with ailments that have no known cure? Unfortunately, the healthy South is a helpless detainee in the North’s leper colony. Greedy leaders have made the South an abductee of Lugard’s “well-conducted youth” of 1914. Bonded victims of the Fulani North can’t be free; they will die with this dying North.
Culled from TRIBUNE of 26 March 2018


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